Autumn Oz Fest

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. This iconic phrase takes audiences back generations to days long past, but if you’re visiting Beech Mountain it doesn’t have to stay there. Every year in the fall the magic comes back to life when patrons visit the Wizard of Oz Beech Mountain. A dream made real by Jack Pentes, he had hoped to create a world of fun for families. When Oz first opened it exceeded expectations, filled with local talent and craftsmen, the opportunities for the area seemed endless. Unfortunately, ten years passed before a series of events caused the gates of Oz to close. It may have ceased to exist, but it certainly was not forgotten.

Another decade passed before a project known as Emerald Mountain development was created with the intent of building homesites with respect to The Land of Oz. Since their inception, Oz has been transformed from a defaced remembrance to a positive reflection of long ago. Each summer a little piece of Oz is restored and with it the hope of travelling down the yellow brick road once more. Each year the private park is reopened for their Autumn at Oz party and everyone is invited back to see Dorothy and her friends. Guided tours of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry’s farm are available with live music, cloggers and a small petting zoo. Stay at The Pinnacle when you and your loved ones visit for Autumn at Oz Beech Mountain.

There’s no place like home, but on the journey of life when you reach your destination, you need somewhere to rest. The Pinnacle Inn Resort has great Condo Rental Beech Mountain and each visit is something to be remembered. Our All Seasons Center offers access to an indoor pool, four indoor hot tubs, steam room, dry sauna, exercise room and recreation area. If you’re looking for Beech Mountain North Carolina Rentals, then The Pinnacle Inn Resort is for you.