Ziplines NC

Imagine gliding over a 2000 foot line that is suspended 50 feet in the air only by a cable! You’ll get up to speeds of 50 mph. That’s exactly what the newest adventure attraction is in Western North Carolina. Ziplines NC are the biggest hit with groups and families and visiting one of the numerous courses in the area proves to be an exhilarating ride. The Rentals Beech Mountain at The Pinnacle Inn Beech Mountain Resort are located within a short driving distance from all of the Ziplines NC and their locations.

Hawsknest Ziplines, located atop Seven Devils, are Ziplines NC that you can zip down year around. Known for being the largest zipline course on the East Coast, Hawsknest has numerous zip lines that groups fly down. Over in Vilas, Scream Time Zipline also offers canopy tours on a zipline that is more than 2,000 feet long! A bit further away in Plumtree, along the Toe River, Plumtree Canopy Tours offers a three hour zipline experience! Be sure to try out the Ziplines NC when you are on your trip to Beech Mountain North Carolina.

Ziplines NC are quite safe. Each guide company takes special care to ensure the safety of riders. Before each experience, riders are given in depth directions on what to do and how to maintain that highest levels of safety while on the canopy tour. Canopy tours became an instant hit in Costa Rica, and have since spread to a variety of major adventure destination areas.

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