Western NC Waterfalls

There simply is nowhere else in the southeastern Suiteed States that you can visit and see such beautiful sights and sounds. Beech Mountain North Carolina is known as the highest resort community in eastern America and as you can imagine, there are many fantastic outdoor things to do while vacationing here. One popular activity in the warmer months is exploring the hiking trails and areas that lead to some spectacular Western NC Waterfalls. Here are a few of our favorites. Many of these are Waterfalls that You Can Swim By in NC. All are just a short distance from our Beech Mountain Hotel and the Rentals Beech Mountain that are located at The Pinnacle Inn.

Linville Falls

The Linville Falls are perhaps the most famous of the Western NC Waterfalls and they can be found right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can park at the Linville Falls Visitor Center and make the easy trek up to see various portions of the falls. The scenery here is quite spectacular. The Linville Falls are the largest waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway in regards to its volume size of water.

Elk Falls

Elk Falls are located right off of Elk River Road in Newland, just a short drive from the Beech Mountain Lodging at Pinnacle Inn. The Elk River drops some 85 feet and its waters plummet into a huge bowl of water creating a nice swimming spot and a gorgeous waterfall.

Glen Burney Falls

After spending a few moments strolling the streets of Downtown Blowing Rock you can escape to the Glen Burney Trail which leads to a nice wide waterfall that opens flows down three streams. Two hiking trails lead various ways and you can make a round trip of it or turn back around. The scenery throughout is quite breathtaking.

Crabtree Falls

The Crabtree Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls out of all of the Western NC Waterfalls. Located at Milepost 339.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina, Crabtree Falls Waterfalls in NC are located about 24 miles south of the Linville Falls, but they are worth the short drive to see. The hiking trail loops around the falls and can be quite strenuous in certain areas.

Boone Fork Falls

These short 25 foot falls are located in Blowing Rock at Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 296.4 right at the Julian Price Park Picnic Area. The waters rush over enormous sized boulders and into a nice pool.

Hebron Colony Falls

The waters near Hebron Colony, located off of Old Turnpike Road near the Foscoe community form a zig zag pattern as they fall and roll through various huge rocks. The scenery is really nice and this spot has become a popular spot for locals to beat the heat.

Craborchard Falls

The Craborchard Falls are located on the property of the Valle Crucis Conference Center off of Hwy 194. You can park in the gravel lot that is marked for waterfall visitors. Hike up behind the building and follow along the trail. You will see several steps along the way. This area is open to visitors, however please be kind to our neighbors and keep in mind that you are venturing onto private property.

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