Linville Gorge Wilderness Area

Linville Gorge Wilderness AreaThe Linville Gorge Wilderness Area is often heralded as “the Grand Canyon of North Carolina” but it offers plenty more than just awe-inspiring views. The third largest wilderness area in North Carolina, The Linville Gorge NC is known for outdoor pursuits and such things as Linville Gorge Hiking, Linville Gorge Rock Climbing, the Linville Gorge Classic Mountain Bike Trail, and Western NC Fishing in the Linville River. When you choose Beech Mountain Lodging at Pinnacle Inn Beech Mountain Club, you can enjoy staying in comfortable Beech Mountain Rentals while you explore the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area.

Located within the Pisgah National Forest, this area is comprised of more than 11,500 acres of protected lands around the Linville River. Known regionally for Linville Falls, Linville Caverns and Wiseman’s View (which provides one of the best views of the gorge), the Linville Gorge NC has extensive trails for hiking and mountain biking. One particular trail, the Linville Gorge Classic Mountain Bike Trail is an amazingly strenuous climb and downhill finish. Also, legendary Linville Gorge NC Climbing spots throughout The Amphitheatre of the Linville Gorge, such as The Prow Linville Gorge, are well known amount rock climbers.

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