Linn Cove Viaduct

linn cove viaduct


in, a strategy needed to be implemented to bridge the gap without hurting the mountain. Figg and Muller Engineers, Inc, began the project in 1979 and ultimately the Viaduct would be 1,243 feet long and consist of 153 segments weighing 50 tons each.

In order to ensure the preservation of Grandfather the bridge’s segments were precast at an indoor facility at the south side of the parkways and transported to the bridge site. A custom crane placed each piece together and the only work done on ground level was drilling seven footings which support the viaduct. This feat was particularly challenging because the only access roads available was the Blue Ridge Parkway itself.

Spawned from this great achievement, hiking is available above and under the Viaduct. There is about a one-mile roundtrip hike for visitors to get an up-close view of this engineering marvel. Access begins on a paved pass beginning at the visitor center and also gives hikers access to the Tanawha Trail. You’ll notice how the structure seems to float on air without disturbing the landscape below.

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