Grandfather Mountain NC

Grandfather Mountain NCGrandfather Mountain towers above the other mountain peaks in the mountains that span through the High Country and Beech Mountain North Carolina. Grandfather Mountain North Carolina is probably the best known attraction out of all of the Western NC Tourist Attractions near Beech Mountain. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes around the south side of the mountain, yet it is easily accessible via Linville’s Highway 221. Towering to nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, visitors to Grandfather Mountain have the rare chance to see panoramas that span over a handful of southeastern states. Stay in our Beech Mountain NC Rentals and plan to spend a day or two exploring Grandfather Mountain North Carolina.

The mountain spans through three counties, and received its name due to the rocky shape of the mountain resembling an old man lying down. There are various points on the mountain that folks see the profile of an older man, not just the widely known view from Highway 105 in the Foscoe community. Designated an International Biosphere Preserve for its diverse plant and animal ecosystems, Grandfather Mountain is also the place where two important rivers, the Linville River and the Watauga River, originate.

There is plenty to do at the attraction part of the mountain. There are numerous Hiking NC trails for folks to enjoy, the most popular and widely known being The Grandfather Profile Trail. This trail leads hikers up the profile of the mountain. Most folks take a bit of coaxing but inevitably give in and take a quick walk over the Mile-High Swinging Bridge. The bridge, which is suspended by cables and connects two mountain peaks, barely swings as you walk across. The 100 mile views seen from this location are amazing! You definitely want to take the plunge and walk over it if you get the chance.

In addition to the Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain North Carolina also has protected animal sanctuaries where visitors can watch animals native to the mountain such as bald Eagles, otters, bears, and deer. There is also a nice museum that showcases Native American artifacts as well as educating folks about the history of Grandfather Mountain and the legacy that the mountain’s original owner and his family left.

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