Barter Theatre Abingdon VA

Barter Theatre Abingdon VAThe Pinnacle Inn Resort is part of the breathtaking beauty of Beech Mountain in the High Country of western North Carolina. Offering the best Beech Mountain North Carolina Rentals and real estate, a stay at The Pinnacle Inn Resort is unlike any other. Residing at Pinnacle is a destination of relaxation and pure enjoyment. No matter what time of the year The Pinnacle Inn Resort has something for everyone. Book your trip now and choose our Beech Mountain Lodging rentals for your accommodations.

While staying at Pinnacle Inn Resort, you should check out Barter Theatre Abingdon VA. Located a short drive away from Beech Mountain, Barter Theatre is steeped in history and tradition. During the great depression, Robert Porterfield, came up with the idea of bartering farm goods to gain admission to a play. On June 10, 1933, Barter Theatre opened with the unique proclamation of “with vegetables you cannot sell, you can buy a good laugh.” The theatre was a huge success and is still operating today.

The Barter Theatre experience can be felt in two unique venues of live performances. Barter Theatre is able accommodate 507 patrons around a grand stage. Barter Stage II, is across the street from Barter Theatre and is able to accommodate 167 patrons around a thrust stage for a more personal theatre experience. Keeping up with tradition, every year Barter Theatre has a special showing to help provide goods for the local food banks.

Culture is all around the High Country and is felt prevalently at Pinnacle Inn Resort. Read more about other entertainment in the High Country by clicking to the information on the Lees McRae Summer Theatre events, ASU Appalachian Summer Festival happenings, and more on other cultural attractions of interest. Featuring outstanding Beech Mountain Condos, Pinnacle Inn Resort has so much to offer. Each of our condominiums are individually owned which gives each condo a one of a kind fresh taste on the vacationing experience. All visitors staying at The Pinnacle Resort also have access to our All Seasons Center which offers an indoor heated pool, four indoor hot tubs, steam room, dry sauna and so much more.