Woolly Worm Festival

Anywhere steeped in tradition will have its own version of the farmer’s almanac or signs from Mother Nature predicting the weather. Beech Mountain is no exception to this rule following the annual Woolly Worm Festival. Occurring in the third weekend in October this event draws upwards of 20,000 people, 100+ vendors, worm trainers and national media.

Mountain lore credits the coloration of the woolly worm can predict what kind of winter is in store for the High Country. If there is more brown than black on the body, the winter is going to be mild. If there is more black than brown a severe winter will be coming indeed. Surprisingly, followers of the woolly worm claim an 85 percent accuracy rating over the last two decades. Regardless of your beliefs, a good time is to be had at the Woolly Worm Festival.

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