Perry Park Beech Mountain NC

Serious vacationers tend to seek out all the “hidden gems” of an area. To be able to experience a place or event most people not living there have experienced is a thrill like no other. Perry Park Beech Mountain NC is one of those gems that few know about, but those in the area have fallen in love with it many years ago. Dedicated to Beech Mountains former Public Works Director, Joe Perry, Perry Park is a beautiful location to enjoy nature and have a picnic lunch.

Perry Park is also the head of Beech Mountain’s favorite hiking trail, Upper Pond Creek. Constructed to allow passage from Charter Hills to Coffey Lake and the recreation area one mile away, Upper Pond Creek Trail is a beautiful walk through nature. While at Lake Coffey you can continue onwards down the Lower Pond Creek Trail, or enjoy the fishing at the state stocked lake (NC Fishing License and trout stamp are required).

Lower Pond Creek trail has an elevation change of roughly 418 feet. This single-track trail covers one mile and ends at Locust Ridge Road. This trail is more rugged and slightly more difficult from it’s sister trail, but it offers some of Beech Mountain’s greatest natural beauty. Also sprinkled throughout this trail are many water cascades and a few waterfalls. Priceless beauty is abundant in this “preserve” of natural wonder.

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