Mountain Biking Trails NC

Mountain Biking Trails NC

Cyclists on North Georgia country side road in the morning. Ray of lights created by typical morning humidity.

Beech Mountain NC is known for being eastern America’s highest town due to its amazing elevation 5,506 feet. As you can imagine, the routes up the mountain climb incredibly fast and make for some truly remarkable Mountain Biking Trails NC. So remarkable, in fact, that Lance Armstrong chose it as a training site following his amazing bout with cancer. It is not surprising that cycling stars such as Armstrong choose Beech Mountain NC for its Mountain Biking Trails NC to train on. Beech Mountain was the host site for the Tour Du Pont bike race during the years thru 1993 and 1996.

The racing competition has since ceased to exist, however at one time it was slated to be the American version of Europe’s Tour de France. Armstrong won the Tour Du Pont the last two races that were held. Today, instead of the Tour Du Pont there are other great biking competitions and bike parks on Beech Mountain that give its Mountain Biking Trails NC quite a bit of fame.

Road Routes

Some of the most popular Beech Mountain Biking trails are the St. Andrews Road Loop, Buckeye Recreation Area to St. Andrews Road to the top, Pinnacle Ridge Road Loop, Pinnacle Ridge to Oz and the routes that are found in the Emerald Outback. We invite you to come and stay at The Pinnacle Inn in cozy, affordable Beech Mountain Vacation Rentals that are easily accessible to all of these amazing routes. Find out what makes our Mountain Biking Trails NC so popular and plan to unwind and relax by staying in the best Beech Mountain Lodging option.

Biking Trails/Hiking

Quite a bit of the hiking trails can also be biked. Westerly Hills is considered the best trail for mountain biking on Beech Mountain North Carolina. Other trails such as the Wild Iris Loop Trail, West Bowl Loop, Grassy Gap Creek Trail and the Smoketree Trail are all nice routes to bike as well.

Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park at Beech Mountain Resort

Beech Mountain Resort, which is located minutes from our Beech Mountain Rentals also plans to complete a state of the art mountain biking facility at the resort. Currently, work is still in progress, but it is nearing completion. In an effort to offer more warm weather sports Beech Mountain has completed several biking trails, some of which are located on the ski slopes that you ski and board down in the winter. Also, a new mountain boarding complex has been built for those willing to try their hand at a new adventure sport that infuses skateboarding and snowboarding.

The Emerald Outback is a part of the Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park. The elevation here fluctuates between 4,700 and 5,000 feet depending on where you are in the 8+ mile network of Mountain Biking Trails NC on Beech Mountain. Currently, the park is free and open to the public 7 days a week.

Stay right in the heart of it all, and enjoy panoramas that seem to span forever when you stay at The Pinnacle atop Beech Mountain North Carolina. We have the very best deals on Beech Mountain Rentals. Instead of staying in an overpriced Beech Mountain Hotel, enjoy comfortable Beech Mountain Lodging that come with all of the comforts of home, and plenty more. Read on to find out about other Western NC Tourist Attractions that are close by and plan a trip today!